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This is the Memoir section of the catalog of Lincoln Kirstein's Published Writings. View all entries in Memoir or narrow your search by using the Search tool box. Below is an excerpt from Mosaic, 1973.

I awoke with a panicky realization that I must catch a boat train for France in less than three hours. Laurens was gone, the room empty, the sun grandly promising the best of a fresh day, and the streets below were already humming. I stretched my toes to touch the trim reassurance of the straw matting. Its immaculate texture felt almost like a springboard. Leaving London would be leaping across a gap, drastic and final—Boston, Cambridge, all my old certainties repudiated or foresworn. For better or worse, I was abandoning Laurens and my friends. I was alone now and I knew I must find Balanchine if I was serious about anything…

Excerpt from number 569