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About the Bibliography

This project began in 1976 when Leslie George Katz, Harvey Simmonds, Nancy Lassalle and Louis H. Silverstein created the first exhaustive listing of Kirstein’s published writings. The resulting book, Lincoln Kirstein: The Published Writings, 1922-1977, A First Bibliography, was produced by the Eakins Press Foundation in 1978 for the Yale University Library. In 2007, the centenary year of Kirstein’s birth, the Eakins Press Foundation published the revised and updated Lincoln Kirstein: A Bibliography of Published Writings, 1922-1996, which, in its entirety, is presented here on the pages of this website in a fully searchable format.

Below are introductory texts from the two printed versions of the bibliography.


by Nancy Lassalle

The introduction to an earlier version of this work, published in 1978, noted that it was far too early to assess Lincoln Kirstein’s career and already supreme achievements.
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by A. Hyatt Mayor

I might attempt a biography of Proteus, but Lincoln Kirstein? Whatever he animates, he is basically a poet in the Greek sense of a maker and shaper.
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by Leslie George Katz, Nancy Lassalle, Harvey Simmonds

During every generation a few exceptional individuals appear who are incisively dedicated and destined to the achievement of unique missions in the art of their time.
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